With A. Vallin, A. Palumbi, S. Locati
Artistic collaboration: Alice Bossi
Costumes: Barbara Livecci
Lighting design : Alessandro Palumbi

Losing themselves amidst musical notes and veering into nonsense is the signature of the Freakclown when they dive into music and attempt to create a concert. Everything that shouldn’t be done, they do. A play of misunderstandings, games, and slapstick antics leads the three pseudo-musicians to confront their weaknesses. By baring themselves in front of the audience, they reveal their best side—the vulnerable clown who abandons their insecurities to play with everything around them, starting with the audience, making them part of the spectacle. Every pretext becomes a source of playfulness.

Amplifiers turn into puppets, instruments become rackets for an unlikely tennis match, drumsticks are used as juggling clubs. But most of all, we are drawn into the clownish antics established within the trio, the harmony transmitted by these modern freak-clowns. Drawing inspiration from ancient circus art, they reinterpret this figure in a contemporary light.

  • theater/openair
  • 5+
  • gramelot IT/FR
  • 60 mn
  • 8X6 m. min
  • 4 m. min.