By and with Alessandro Vallin and Stefano Locati
Director Rita Pelusio and Alessandra Pasi

Freakclown  are two fellows without time, without  dignity,without net.
They comes from different ways to meet each other in a space, both of theme with nervousness, sentiment,irony and madness.
The show is absurd, a nonsense, they must go and come, they feel to leave the stage, a protection, and a prison in the same time.

Freakclown are “sans papier” that cannot go abroad, a borred couple that cannot split up, workers that cannot give up theyr job.
They are like rope’s acrobats always in balance on a empty space.
They seems to be actors of a Bunuel’s movie or Estragone and Vladimiro of Samuel Bechett.
On stage they mix circus skill like juggling, equilibrism and acrobatic with comic act and “commedia dell’arte”

  • theater/openair
  • tout public
  • gramelot IT/EN
  • 55 mn
  • 6X4 m. min
  • 4 m. min.